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This can drastically change the neurochemistry and psychological structure of their growing brain Heller, Social isolation is also a psychological effect of this messy disorder in teenage girls really affect the well-being of them emotionally. Those teenagers who have been socially isolated have a higher rate of mortality in general compared to individuals with established relationships.

Cause and Effect of Anorexia

The magnitude of the danger associated with this social isolation is far much comparable with cigarette smoking combined with major psychological and biomedical risk factors in teenagers. This can be inherently depressing, stressful can rapidly provoke anxiety in teenage girls thus in the attempt to stabilize these mixed feelings a teenage girl may end up engaging in emotional eating in the act of finding comfort Heller, Still in the psychological effects of teenage girl eating disorder, parental influence has been a long cause in the development of eating habits in them.

Parental influence is directly shaped and manifested by various factors including dietary choices, which are dictated in their cultures or even ethnic preferences. Teenagers parents eating habits and how they are directly involved in the expectations of the eating behaviors of their children and the genetic predisposition of their families and even the relationships between the teenager and her parents. The absence of a general and good climate and the absence or presence a nurturing better environment can be a psychological issue Heller, This much habit trait is fueled by peer pressure where the rest of the teenage girls are busy assigning themselves a busy schedule to change her eating traits.

This affects the teenage psychologically hence leading to bad eating habits. This disorder is easily found in elite athletes where you find that some of their peers are dieting and the rest of friends pressuring them leading to eating disorder Heller, Cultural pressure also play a greater role in affecting the teenage girl psychologically, some cultures emphasize on slimness, which is pervasive, and mostly common in western countries.

Eating Disorder Symptoms, Causes and Effects

The entertainment industries, fashion and media plays a bigger role in ideal bodies and beauty as a whole. Cultural pressure in teenage girls to be perfect and is a very important factor towards the development of this eating disorders. When all women from all races start an evaluation based on ideal, body culturally increases eating disorders in girls Heller, It adversely affects day-to-day living and physical well-being of teenage girls. The scope of problems associated with eating disorders prompts intervention of measures to curb or treat.

Social factors contributing include media and the rest of presentation stating the ideal as slim and fit.

Eating disorders essay outline

This is a desire for teenage girls in modern life who always need to keep feat. It is also contributed to mixed messages about health and fast food where all believe to add weight fast food is the best choice. Some occupation which some of teenage girls have been into practice emphasizes on body shape and size. It forces some of them to take pills to keep body feet. This mostly affect girls whose field is gymnastics and modeling. Their performance is greatly contributed to what they eat, by so they believe underweight to be healthy and favour in their occupation.

To cope with this believe, which sometimes turns into their favour they tend to adopt harmful eating habits. It is also contributed to combination of biological and behavioral factors. Teenage girls may be influenced by cultural images, which favour bodies with underweight to be healthy. Teens with eating disorders may struggle with various problems such as. Its physical signs and symptoms include constipation, it occurs when movement of bowels occurs in difficulties or less frequent.

Although normallength of time of bowels varies widely between one girl to another where some have its movement experienced three times a day whereas others two but than three days without a bowel movement is too long resulting to stool being harder and to pass becomes too difficult. Other symptoms of anorexia are abnormal heart rate. This is slow heart rhythms, which are caused by premature ventricular contraction, which is related to eating disorder by teenage National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

This can cause sudden death especially teenagers hence needs early medical attention or else to avoid disorder eating. Nervosa is also associated with abdominal pain among teenage girls with eating disorder. It is a mild stomach pain or cramps which has numerous causes which include constipation, indigestion all brought by eating disorder.

Another social effect to teenage girls resulting from eating disorder is dryness of skin. It is a condition where first element of defense lacks moisture. Fine body hair is another effect of eating disorder, which many teenage girls experience; it comes by due to lack of sufficient supplement in their diet supply. It greatly affect teenage girls since some consider as their first beauty, it makes them stressed since it is hard for them to maintain long and fine hair.

More importantly, it is also a psychological disorder. Anorexia is a condition that goes beyond out-of-control dieting.

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A person with anorexia often initially begins dieting to lose weight. Over time, the weight loss becomes a sign of mastery and control. The individual. There is also Anorexic Bulimics. The first type and the subtype is anorexics and the bulimic anorexics. The Dangerous Effects of Eating Disorders You probably hear about eating disorders, and how they can be do dangerous, but what are eating disorders exactly?

What Are the Types of Eating Disorders?

There are three main types of eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa is the fear of. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder with mainly adolescent victims. Different studies have been able to identify some of the psychological and physical causes and consequences of anorexia. The UMMC defines anorexia nervosa as. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder in which people suffering drastically restrict food intake due to an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image.

Anorexia Nervosa Causes & Effects | Sierra Tucson

There has been an unfortunate increase in people suffering from Anorexia Nervosa over the past several decades. Anorexia can be caused by a combination of social, interpersonal, and psychological factors that must be resolved through treatment. Anorexia is an extremely dangerous disorder. First, I will tell you what anorexia is. People with anorexia have an extreme and irrational dread of becoming fat and they have a distorted view of their body size and shape.

They will hardly eat at all and the small amounts of food they do eat become an obsession. Most effects such as binging, purging, and or overeating takes place in a secluded area such as a bathroom, or bedroom caused by activities due to society, hereditary factors, and food influences such as GMOS. Magazines, commercials…. Eating disorders are psychological disorders in which the mind causes a disturbance from an established eating pattern. This paper is aimed to educate the reader about how eating disorders begin and what their consequences are. Although there are plenty different types of eating disorders, the main ones that will be focused on in this paper are: anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating.

Eating disorders are tremendously serious health…. Eating disorders are defined as a unhealthy relationship with food that may negatively affect a person 's physical and mental health.

People with eating disorders most commonly focus too much on their weight, body shape, and food they are eating. They focus on their weight so they do not become obese.

The focus of the body shape is so they feel more confident with themselves and feel more attractive. When they say the focus on food intake, they are referring to the amount of food, the calories, and…. Eating Disorders in America Unfortunately the world is not a perfect place.

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Disease and illnesses run rapid across every continent on Earth. Understanding the warning signs and the ways of treatment are vital considering more than three out of every four women suffer from some type of eating disorder. Health problems are serious issues that many people face. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating are eating…. Many may think eating disorders are not a problem, or many may think that we should look beyond eating disorders. They are a problem of our time and could be for a long time.

It is a huge…. Eating disorders can be serious and life treating, the treatment and diagnosis of anorexia and bulimia nervosa vary in the cause and effect on the development of the disorder.