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Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. These days, people go to shopping malls, both for shopping and entertainment.

Some people believe that in the future, the main purpose of going to malls will be entertainment, not shopping. However, my view is that some shops will certainly survive in each shopping mall in the future. Currently, many people do their shopping online.

For these people, a shopping mall will not be an important place for shopping. But in fact, there will be so many places in each city that people will be able to go for entertainment instead of going to shopping malls. For example, you can go to a club, gym, sports centre and cinema for that purpose. Generally, shopping malls have some advantages for people who want to shop compared with other methods of shopping like online shopping.

They let people enjoy buying goods with their family members or friends. Also, people who go to shopping malls will have the chance of choosing between different choices. People who go to shopping malls can avoid some disadvantages of other ways of buying like online shopping.

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  5. For instance, they can check the size, quality, and colour of clothes which they bus and seek the advice of shop assistants. Finally, shops definitely give character to a shopping mall.


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    Nowadays, most people prefer to go to big supermarkets rather than the small ones to buy their meat, fruit, fish, shampoo, etc. But there are still people that to to the small supermarkets because of the disadvantages of the big ones. People that go to the big supermarkets think that the supermarkets are very useful because they can but everything they need at once.

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    And there is also more coice, there are lots of products and most of these big supermarkets have contact with supermarkets from other places, which they get products from. So, if you need any product that is not made in Menorca, you'll problably find it in a big supermarket, like the new "Mercadona" or "The Lidl". On the other hand, some people don't like to go to these big supermarkets because there are a lot of people, which is really stressful, and therefore you've also got to wait longer before it's your turn when you order something or when you want to pay what you've bought.