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In version 1. There are three notable changes to this system in version 1. Second—and this is my personal favorite feature in version 1. Third, Thesis now offers full support for custom taxonomy pages in addition to category and tag pages. Like the header image uploader, the favicon uploader is extremely simple—just upload your image, and Thesis handles the rest of the work for you.

The premise is simple:. In other words, this is the ultimate custom template system.

So head on over to Diythemes. If you click on the link below I will get a small affiliate fee if you choose to purchase the Thesis theme. I thank you in advance! This post is tagged Thesis , Wordpress Themes.

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Name required. Mail required. Thesis WordPress Theme Version 1. Aug 25th One Comment respond trackback. Features Of Thesis 1. The same goes for a hosted WordPress. For self-hosted WordPress, you can upload this favicon to your WordPress media library. I usually highlight this URL and paste it temporarily somewhere like Evernote or in another browser tab until I need it. You can do this at least one of a bazillion ways.

Please do be careful when mucking about here because this involves diving into the code. First, go into your header.

How to Add Custom Favicon in Thesis Like WordPress Theme

On your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance , then Editor. On the right-hand side of the dashboard will be a list of php files. Click on the one marked header. This will bring up the header. Check to see if a shortcut icon reference already exists. Here is an example:.

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If there is already a shortcut icon reference in your header. If this is the case, then you can try uploading the favicon.

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If there is no shortcut icon reference, then add one just like the one above and upload the favicon. Make sure you add this code in an appropriate place, such as just before the first function.

How to ADD A FAVICON to WordPress

You know that little bitty tiny schminy icon that shows up in your browser? Convert that image to a favicon. When you go to the Favicon Generator website , you will get a page that looks like this: Click the Browse button and find the image you want to convert into a favicon.

How to remove the favicon code from the Thesis 2 header | Web Symphonies

Option 2: Add or Replace current shortcut icon reference in your header. The safest option is to either use a theme or a plug-in that handles your favicons for you.

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